What is Natural Identification – ID

Natural identification refers to the identity of something natural, which in this context, refers to identifying living human beings. Necessarily this contrasts with artificial entities. Aside from everyday speech, the word ’person’ refers to a LEGAL ENTITY. This is an artificial creation of government, not a born living being. When asked if we have any personal ID, and we flash our photo ID card, driving licence, social security card or passport, it is not our ID that we are offering. It’s theirs. The government created that legal identity, that ‘person,’ that persona. We were born to our mother, not birthed. Birth certificates identify (fictional) entities, not living beings. So government owns your driving licence, your passport, your birth certificate, your kids, their education, your health, your property title and your car. It claims your money and threatens violence or imprisonment if you refuse to pay.

To offer their ID as though yours, is to agree to act on behalf of the artificial person which that card or document identifies. Neither are our natural identification, yet everyone understands that if they do not present this ID when requested, punishment in some form will follow.

Natural identification is cancelled

No word or phrase identifies a living, flesh and blood human being, free from appended legal properties. Nothing describes real living beings, that is not first castrated from everyday usage and ascribed judicial properties without anyone’s consent. Moreover, no legal escape exists. Man is permitted to exist in and for the legal jurisdiction only, subject to whatever permissions it grants, all laws that it makes and enforces, backed by violence as it decides.
True identity as independent living beings, natural identification and our natural God-given rights, are all cancelled by a fictional identity that has been fraudulently constructed in our name. ID, as we presently understand it, exists for legal control of everyone, through the creation of fictional entities.

Suppose instead that you had an ID number which included genetic information from you as a flesh and blood living being. Such a code exists for natural identification. It is named the ILB (ILB isle bee | noun) code, or sequence, also referred to as a “Private Asset Code” or “PAC.”

ILB Sequence

ILB codes have three separate forms, all of which (differently) codify the same information.

  1. The genetic based ILB sequence – also known as a ‘Private Asset Code,’ or PAC.
  2.  An encrypted Property Code
  3. A (derived) Security Number that identifies any falsification of the ILB and property cryptograms.

All three copyrighted sequences are (conditionally) available for computer usage.
 The ILB sequence (PAC) is foremost, upon which the property code and security numbers depend. The Private Asset Code testifies, that the being to whom that alpha-numeric sequence belongs, actually lives. Three encrypted genetic identifiers within the sequence certify a flesh and blood living being. Natural identification is established therefore.  The (PAC) ILB sequence certifies that the holder is an Independent Living Being and cannot, therefore, be anything that is not living.

Private Asset Code

Of supreme importance, the ILB sequence signifies an independent, living human being, divorced from any control system, method or government legislation. ID CardIt is a “Private Asset Code” or “PAC,” wherein use of the word ‘Private’ distinguishes and separates it from the ‘Public’ jurisdiction. This Asset Code does not preclude anyone from acting as a (public) LEGAL ENTITY if that is their choice. The Private Asset Code, ‘ILB Code’ as the example shows, may serve as an ID card showing natural identification, but that is not their primary purpose.

Property Code

The property sequence is a short form of the Private Asset Code, further encrypted to identify property ownership. This code contains the same information but omits the country and state. As the next example shows, car number plates exhibit that data additionally. This (property code) identifier is also suited to bicycles, surfboards, trailers or machinery.

Security Code

The Security number generates from a special algorithm utilising data from the ILB sequence. Once this sequential “Private Asset Code”, loads into the software, a genuine Property Code, and Security Number, generates for that individual. This is shown vertically on the right hand side of the card image shown. Any mismatch or discrepancy will instantly reveal forgeries in the ILB (PAC) or property identifier.
The two codes adapt to nine digit bank account numbers also, with like encryption. Please note, however, that the copyright owners of these systems will not release them to any functionary body that does not subscribe to the Constitution of Man including a Commission of Justice or equal, that upholds the Constitution. Theft, fraud, forgeries and initiated violence are for history, not our glorious future.

Biometric security

Biometric security today hails as the ‘solution’ to antiquated security methods of the past. Testing of payment systems requiring palm scanning, or face scanning, are in progress.
Question. Does such biometric security identify flesh and blood living individuals having unalienable right to their life? Will biometric security determine natural identification? Or will it certify certain unique (artificial) characteristics belonging to a legal identity existing in a bank or government data base? Such theft of identity denies one’s right to life.
Without natural identification, theft of life must presume. Theft of one’s right to life is a crime. It violates Article One in the Constitution of Man.
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