Natural versus artificial law — Position Statement

Natural versus artificial law is a controversial issue that should not exist today. My book, ‘Law from Within,’ presents the idea of natural law as Creator’s invitation to live. Were you taught this what law means? Not likely I suggest. We’re all taught that law commands certain things be done, and certain other things not be done. Common mindset, therefore, is that law is commandment. This notion has existed for centuries. It argues that actions should depend on what is moral and right, and should apply to all people. Accordingly, actions are lawful when they are right, moral and proper. So, on the one hand we have commandments, and on the other, we have an invitation. Thus a dilemma presents. Which way should we unique beings go? Natural versus artificial law?

Nature is the natural thing to do, which if thought of as law, means ‘natural law.’ This idea traces from centuries BCE, and is upheld by most libertarians.

  • Its shortest explanation is the ‘golden rule.’ “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  • The non-aggression principle (NAP), also non-aggression axiom, asserts that ‘aggression’ is inherently illegitimate.

Most folk can see the sense in these ideas, but few people see how these principles might adapt to their lives in specific ways, or how they could install in society. Why? Because nothing in those tenets describes who will determine what is right, proper or moral. Its plainly evident that controversy will exist, therefore laws are necessary to resolve matters.

One or the other – both are impossible

Who or what should rule and enforce moral behaviour? Four choices present, viz…
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Natural versus artificial law – which way?
  • Natural Law is little known, because today’s political establishment does not want it known. It would smash their (money-spinning) legal empire. 
  • Common law is little known because it relies on old traditions. 
  • Positive law rules today, whereby man-made laws countermand natural law. ‘Positive law,’ includes all statute law including common law. Positive law is the idea that Man needs ‘rule’ for his benefit and protection. ‘Rule’ is allegedly the right and moral thing to create a peaceful society.
  • Anarchy—absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems.
Are rule, and enforcement, a form of illegitimate ‘aggression’?  That’s a valid question for mankind, because, by contrast, natural law shows that ‘rule’ is unlawful and immoral. It countermands Man’s free will. How can this resolve? By studying our human nature as individuals, rather than how we all must submit to authority. Cells, tissues, and organs in our bodies are unique and independent, yet they all work to uphold our life. Think of this as though our mind and body were a convivial society consisting of unique individuals. We can think of it as Creator’s model for human societies encrypted into our human nature. Earth only has a few billion people, while our bodies comprise trillions of cells, many tissues, organs and systems. All cooperate to support our lives, which shows there is no authoritarian rule within ourselves commanding our free will. Nonetheless, our immune system, conscience and emotions offer protections.

No better model exists

Exploring that idea offers a refreshing picture. It is that nature has embodied every ethical and moral tenet into our nature that we could ever need.  Daily living in perfect harmony with our nature, as unique independent beings is eminently possible. Then societal maxims would agree with the state of our being. None instruct or command. Creator intended that natural laws cannot rule us, else free will is a blatant lie. When respected, however, benefits and joys unleash beyond anything man-made laws could ever conceive.
Do you see my position? Laws govern our nature to sustain our lives. They are Creator’s invitation to live fruitful and abundant lives? Shouldn’t these laws transplant into our societies? Wouldn’t they suffice every ethical and moral tenet society could ever need? Yes indeed they would, but none are taught today. What model could human society better ask, than what we already are? Nothing more is needed but to protect these laws from violation and cancellation. How simple is that? Peace and happiness of society would preserve, provided of course that we preserved our unalienable right to life. Tragically, we’re all denied today, by rule and by force, by slavery and tyranny, and by bloody wars.

 Natural versus artificial law – which way?

My aim is to inform and teach others about these twenty natural laws. It is crucial to examine all the topics raised in Law From Within,’ to expand their reach and application. It is time to explore the code of ethics, based on our human nature as Creator endowed, instead of societal rule. Ethics, morals, and how to achieve a peaceful future need urgent revision. We, our children, and our grandchildren will all benefit.
Best news by far, is that not one of us has to wait for approval. Creator endowed that in addition. We can begin practicing natural laws today. This blog will explore beyond the natural laws. I want to enlarge upon their basis and their application on personal and social levels. Translate them into a free symbiotic society, as many millions of people desire. Freedom is attainable in perpetuity if we learn of it and press for it.

Natural law really does matter

My position concerning natural law differs from most other explanations. In a somewhat diverse way, it upholds them nevertheless. If you sense, or believe that natural law is for you, your children, and for free and peaceful society, then this website is for you.
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Ken Bartle

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