Toward a Justice Commission

This page proffers ideas leading toward a Justice Commission. Otherwise described as a  ‘Commission of Justice’ (CoJ),  such body would be ‘commissioned’ by the people. Its purpose would ensure that ‘justice’ preserves for every man, woman and child in the jurisdiction or locality of their abode. Government is thereby replaced. The ‘Commission of Justice’ purposed to uphold individual rights would also protect against harm initiated by others. The reason, purpose and need for a Justice Commission is established in my book, Law From Within, and on this website. A ‘Commission of Justice’ (CoJ), underpinned by the Constitution of Man, (CoM), exists as a proposal only. Descriptions and explanations, here and elsewhere, will kick-start protections according to individual rights within Natural Law.

No Government

Governments have long succeeded in protecting themselves and their ’empire.’ They miserably fail to protect Man. Justice, as we know it, fundamentally serves to uphold and preserve the state. Government is authority, a control mechanism. It cannot exist without exercising authority. Necessarily this violates free will and every individual’s unalienable right to his/her own life. Government is thereby unjust and unlawful. Force initiated by one, or several, against another is criminal. Initiated force violates the right of the victim to live one’s life in accord with free will choice. Initiated force may be physical or mental, whereby it arrests, violates, usurps, denies, or forbids justness. Force prevents an individual person from living and sustaining his life in the manner of his/her choosing.

Most people by far, understand deep within their soul that ‘moral intent’ and ‘just’ actions are ‘right.’ By acting in a rightful and respectful manner, they protect themselves from abuse and harm caused by others. Although people may not understand that choosing to act this way is the natural law of the human world, they grasp its benefits nevertheless. They also know that others can act with malicious intent, cause harm, even death.  Furthermore, they understand that violence of these kinds requires more than pleading cessation merely.  Seldom is that sufficient to effect justness. Evil actions are to be arrested, destruction terminated as quickly as possible.

Fundamental premise

Retaliatory force, used to arrest and terminate violence is lawfully just. Recompense and restoration may be required. Justice is the practice of restoring ‘justness’. The ‘Commission of Justice’ is based on natural law, and the Constitution of Man. Both are referenced in Law From Within, and on this website. Fundamentally, no prescription may overrule  individual  living men and women, their life, or their individual right to it. (Declaration of Individual Rights, Articles 1 – 9 in the Constitution of Man)

Justice Just Is - a Justice commission is neededDealings between individual men and women are ordinarily virtuous, through morality arising from their own being.  Their associative dealings are (in aggregate) what a symbiotic society is.  Men and women, empowered by nature, should institute means, whereby (natural) justice that arises from within is forever preserved. It must be asked whether government authority is necessary?

Elimination of goverenment behooves institution of a ‘Commission of Justice.’ Logically, such a ‘Commission’ will preclude any subversive form of ‘other’, that belligerently or fraudulently attempts to overrule justice. Given that justice is the last line of (societal) protection, so it becomes necessary to protect justice, through justice.

Justice Commission Charter

Quotation from the preamble…

‘Whereas the Constitution of Man and its Declaration of Individual Rights satisfies equality for every human being, this Charter for the Universal Commission of Justice offers the means for every human in society to spread their wings of mind, body and soul, to enjoy and participate in a just society as their birthright.

Unlike every monarchy, ruler, government, or authority that precedes this Commission of Justice, every individual has, by this charter, equal opportunity to embrace self mastery and self-protective justice with full preservation of individual rights, within the intrinsically held embrace of the natural law of the human ’

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