If You Are Not In Charge Of Your Life - Who or what Is?

Society most likely

About twenty-five hundred years ago a Greek philosopher argued that ‘although likeness and equality was indeed a fact, people ought to be taught otherwise so they would accept the different benefits, and burdens, arising from various positions in a politically organised society.’

One century back an American philosopher, stated ‘Society, as a real whole, is the normal order, and the mass as an aggregate of isolated units is the fiction.‘

Individuality has been victimised for centuries, our identities stolen, the working of our minds denied understanding.


Do You Want To Take Your Life Back -

have life mean something to you?


Within you is the most powerful asset on earth

but who explains how our minds work?

Experience is a great teacher

Research played a great part of my career in home design, building and town planning. Several early years taught me different perspectives. Building technology, research, economics, administration, structure, sales, and from over 500 interviews, what clients really wanted.

I didn’t see the big picture then. Years later I fully grasped the importance of what I had learned.

The lesson was simple

People do not want bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces and kitchens. They want comfort, security, happiness, joy, family togetherness, peace, tranquility, excitement and satisfaction.

People are all equal in the nature of their desires, but love to express the form of their house uniquely, according to their particular needs and values.

Here’s the truth. The measure of a great home is not flowers, champagne and TV crews on the day you move in.

It’s heartfelt gratitude on the day you move out.

Creator is the supreme architect

How can our heart and lungs can work side by side, non-stop for decades, with no government to rule them, settle disputes, arrange contracts, negotiate benefits or certify their ID? How could they possibly work without some form of governance?

We could not survive without some system that ensures the orderly process of life itself. Like why do we have an immune system?

What could ensure our survival and still leave us with free choices?

I studied that question but got little joy from natural law. Most I could find was about God’s laws and the ten commandments, spiritual edicts issued by the church. No joy from government either. They write rules suiting their agenda, not ours. 

We could not survive without some system that ensures the orderly process of life itself. Like why do we have an immune system?

Then I struck gold

From a philosopher of law, I learned that law means ‘order’ in etymology.

It means — orderliness, not statutes and commandments.

I got it!

Every cell, tissue, organ, and system in our bodies exhibits a natural orderliness that ensures their proper functioning.

Natural Law means natural orderliness, natural order. It’s all encrypted within each of us.

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    Orderliness with no commandments is perfect!
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    Richness of life and the fulness of free will is ours for the taking.
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    Creator has excelled – but no one knows how.  

We are all equal in nature -
yet absolutely unique in form and expression 

That's what house design had taught me. We all have the same fundamental desires - but we express them differently and uniquely.

So, do our mental and emotional faculties have the same kind of orderliness that our bodies show?

Seemingly not, because science regards our minds as subjective, not objective.

I searched our six higher faculties of imagination, intuition, will, perception, memory, and reason. I found no connection.  They all seem unrelated in science literature. No regularity. No sequence. No orderliness. No natural law.

How can this be, given the orderliness and laws of our bodies?

Did Creator give up? 

No - we did.

Science has missed the most obvious point.

​We must be able to drive our consciousness objectively, or what’s the point of free will?

We have two minds – but unless both have the same goal, one is frustrated by the other. 

We cannot control our Subconscious Mind, simply because it is already programmed to uphold our Life!

So consciousness is less about subjective experience, and more about objective values concerning life itself.

Creator gave us the hardware

We have to fuel our subconscious mind. We have to fill its database with values.

That’s what free will is for!

We have to write the software

That’s when the the flood gates opened for me! New thoughts flowed for weeks on end. My mind was in overdrive. Harmony, communication and cooperation appeared where science had connected nothing.

Here was a message for every man, woman and child. Our higher faculties, along with conscience, feelings and emotions, all work in perfect harmony, according to natural laws and the values we choose.

It’s so delightfully simple. 

Program the database of our subconscious mind and we can harness its almighty power.

It’s the most astounding story 

Infants have no math, no science and no language, yet they can influence their subconscious minds. That’s how they learn to crawl. We’ve all done that, else you would not be reading this page.


But we’re not taught how our two minds should work in  harmony.

Now you can learn

It's all explained


Conscious Dynamics, book cover

Conscious Dynamics offers a loving and authentic path of personal discovery that can change lives, advance intelligence, boost human spirituality and power the evolution of our consciousness.

  A5 format 

  94 pages

  20 natural laws

  15 explanatory diagrams

  PDF download

Conscious Dynamics, Book photo

Printed books for illustration only. Purchase is only for    PDF downloads

From an infant learning to crawl, through adolescence, to adulthood and spirituality, this book is not like any you have ever read.

  • How to pack your life with value
  • Cognitive thinking for results that count.
  • Learning from emotions
  • How to polish your mental efficacy and efficiency 
  • Understanding lessons and insights from subconscious mind.
  • Creators mentoring system, and its massive potential
  • Existence, reality, identity and causality.
  • Perception, awareness, and understanding for mental and emotional vitality. 
  • Social ethics, morality and justice as you’ve never been taught.
book cover, Conscious Dynamics

 Illustration examples were printed from the PDF download version that can be purchased

Time to be done with complexity, stress, trauma, conflict, arguments and negative emotions.

You can master your destiny with simple efficiency, and with courage beyond doubt.

When beliefs can’t stand on their own two feet without your support, send them packing. 

When your mind knows exactly what it’s doing and why, and subconscious mind knows what you value, you will have harnessed an almighty power.

Unite your conscious and subconscious minds in synergistic harmony, and

look out!

For the price equal of 2 cups of coffee, this book will change your understanding of consciousness, offer clarity of thought, and blast erroneous ideas into oblivion. More than wondering why humankind has wandered in a mental dessert for centuries, you’ll know exactly why, and how to get off that bandwagon!

AUD $8.00 The PDF Download comes with your payment receipt.


Here’s what one reader said:


Having enjoyed this book so much, I highly recommend that every thinking person reads it and grasps the importance of changing the way we think we have to be, and realise we have all the power we need inside to BE ALL we can be!

‘Conscious Dynamics’ has come at a critical time, relative to major changes being developed to create a better world. I love that your incredible insightful questions and, more importantly, your analysis and solutions, are not based on assumptions, but on our nature as Creator intended, so that we each fulfil our rightful destinies to live fully and joyfully!

 Linda Ray, Typesetter/proofreader/artist for print/advertising


Whether you're a high school kid or academic in the upper realms of philosophy or psychology, if this book has not shown you at least three critical matters concerning our mental faculties, your payment will be refunded in full, no questions.

And you may keep the book. 

Possible questions –

Can’t I just raise my consciousness or increase the vibrations of it?

What does raising consciousness or increasing its vibrations really mean? Some will say the idea is to get past this 3D world and invoke spiritual consciousness, but how exactly? This book is about full consciousness, from the first dawning of perception right through to spiritual enlightenment. Readers may travel as far as they choose. 

Will this information clash with my beliefs?

The answer is in the question. If this information offers more than your beliefs, will you still hold to them, or choose to advance? You’ve got to love free will!

If natural law is not what the legal profession deals with, what is it?

Natural Laws are defined to be principles and premises of order, Creator’s maxims which so necessarily agree with the nature and state of man, that without their observance the peace and happiness of society can never be preserved.

Why isn’t the book free?

First, I must cover costs to make this transformative information available. Second, this information is very important and needs even more exposure through videos, podcasts, and seminars. Costs arise and technical assistance may be needed. 

Some Quotations from ‘Conscious Dynamics’

— “Because our subconscious mind cannot work in a vacuum, any more than an empty stomach can process food, we are obliged to feed what we most value into its database.”

— Natural orderliness is not understood today, in the manner shown by this diagram. How can people grasp the essence and consequences of natural law when they've no idea it even exists? For the same reason, few comprehend how these ‘natural laws’ can be reduced to their essence, enabling children to be taught ethical and moral thinking from a very early age.

— It is as though Creator has said;

‘I have perfected societal governing within your very self, precisely so that you can translate my natural laws into your societies.’

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