People are increasingly concerned by government intrusion into their lives. Many speak about personal sovereignty, voluntarism, libertarianism, agorism, and even minarchy, as alternatives. Very few describe how any of these might work in society, what laws might apply, who or what should administer a peaceful and lawful society. We have become enslaved by the notion that rules must exist and be obeyed. No one challenges that precept. Nothing offers as a solution but vague notions of common law, constitutional amendments, or reinvention of the ‘Bill of Rights.’ So it is that Man strives for freedom today, without any knowledge whatsoever of how he might achieve it. So called ‘rulers’ hold the upper hand, their greatest fear being that we might discover otherwise.

Introduced to Objectivist philosophy in 1966, I used its principles in my career, both administratively and for creative design. They worked. Although residential design offered its own excitements and satisfactions, much of my career involved self learning and research. Additionally, I was able to explore beyond the boundaries of a particular discipline. For example, over one five year period I was privileged to learn house design from the perspective of architect, client, technology, economy, sales, research, economics and fashion. No college offers as much, or to present the big picture in this manner. I did not understand that at the time, but in hindsight, this broad picture framework has come into its own.

Back around 2012, I became aware of natural law, but knew very little of what it is. I was not alone. Very few people do know. Having retired, I began to study natural law, based on the premise that natural law must agree with the nature of what we really are. I had expected that natural body and mental processes would point to a certain ‘orderliness’ within us, necessary for the upholding of our health and mental agility. ‘Order,’ from etymology, means law.

Results rocked me to the core! My wildest expectations were exceeded by far. As days turned into weeks, revelations led to further revelations. I’m still in awe of these findings today. The further I pursued my enquiries the simpler they became. Notes became pages. Pages became articles. These were re-written several times as the full picture emerged. I could be forgiven for thinking of this as an architecture unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Its outline is sketched in my book, ‘Law From Within.’ Political implications are described in my Constitution of Man, Private Declaration of Independence, and proposals for a Commission of Justice, as replacement for Government. Those are jurisprudence matters, of course, and may take their place in time.

Please read these posts in earnest. Please comment and share on social media. Let’s begin building a new society and let the old fade into oblivion. Read ‘Law from Within.’ You can help share the news. Will you please?

Ken Bartle