What is knowledge? Part 2

In part one of this post concerning the word knowledge, I discussed ‘vocabulary substitutions’ that have surreptitiously eroded the meaning and importance of words. Some such as existence, reality, perception, and knowledge have been replaced by the likes of awareness, beliefs and realities. Subjectivity has seemingly swamped objectivity. The word knowledge has all but disappeared from our vocabulary. Few seem to realise what is happening to our vocabulary, and less seem to care. This post casts knowledge in a completely different light. Is it also changing its face?

Allies of Humanity

Recently, I was fortunate to attend two consecutive conferences at last minute notice. The first (one day) concerned consciousness and the afterlife. The second (2 days) dealt with ET visitation, crop circles, the secret space program and more. Though much information was new, nothing challenged the current acceptance of visitation, thereby confirming it. In the meeting room, I obtained a copy of the book ‘The Allies of Humanity’ – Book 1, by Marshall Vian Summers. I’ve now read this, and books 2 and 3. All three books are available online. They contain ‘Briefings’ channelled over a few years. Unfortunately, as a result, much duplication of idea results. Space precludes quotations from the Allies of Humanity, and so I will give my thoughts and links to the appropriate pages.

This web page is very much a summary of book 1. It introduces new concepts, and a view of ET visitation unlike anything prior written. Understanding will be easier after reading a few definitions from the hard copy book, not found online.

  • The Allies of Humanity: A small group of physical beings from the Greater Community who are hidden in the vicinity of our world in our solar system. (Book 3 explains they have since been hunted, and so have moved far away.)
  • The Visitors: Several other alien races from the Greater Community visiting our world without our permission who are actually interfering in human affairs.
  • The Intervention: The alien visitor’s presence, purpose, and activities in the world.
  • Pacification Program: The visitor’s program of persuasion and influence aimed at disarming peoples awareness and discernment of the Intervention to render humanity passive and compliant. [Is it working?]
  • The Greater Community: Space. The vast physical and spiritual universe into which humanity is emerging, which contains intelligent life in countless manifestations.
  • The Unseen Ones: The Angels of Creator who oversee the spiritual development of sentient beings throughout the Greater Community.
  • Human Destiny: Humanity is destined to emerge into the Greater Community. This is our evolution.
  • The Collectives: Complex hierarchical organisations composed of several alien races which are bound together by common allegiance. There is more than one, and these Collectives have competing Agendas.
  • The Mental Environment: The environment of mental thought and influence.
  • Knowledge: The spiritual intelligence that lives within each person. The Source of all that we know. Intrinsic understanding. Eternal wisdom. The timeless part of us which cannot be influenced, manipulated or corrupted. A potential in all intelligent life. Knowledge is God in you and God is all Knowledge in the Universe.

A recent video, Paul Hellyer The Extraterrestrial Takeover will Begin in 2018, also mentioned the ‘Pacification Program,’ but not by that name. Please now read the ten-point summary of the briefings, by Marshall Vian Summers, in their entirety, else what follows will mean little. Repetitions aside, the whole picture will emerge from all three books, book two being the most comprehensive and forthright. A forum discusses the ‘briefings.’  There is also a worldwide community.

The New Life

This New Life website shares the same message.

There are three requirements that all nations must meet if they are to establish and maintain their freedom and self-determination in the Greater Community. The three requirements are unity, self-sufficiency and extreme discretion.’ –Marshall Vian Summers

The Declaration of Human Sovereignty

Another website posts a ‘Declaration of human sovereignty’ and a call to action. ‘Declaring and protecting our human sovereignty is the right and duty of every citizen of our world.’  The ‘Declaration’ includes The right of sovereignty; The right of planetary sanctity; The right of sanctity of biological and genetic material; The right of occupation; The right of peaceful navigation.

Given the warnings in these books and websites, ask yourself which should come first, Should it be the Declaration of Human Sovereignty that denies alien intervention, originating from our right of planetary sanctity? Or should the Constitution of Man (or equal) that denies political interference, originating from our unalienable ‘right to life,’ precede that?

A new appraisal of Knowledge

While ‘knowledge’ is defined above, a separate page describes ‘knowledge’ in full. Descriptions and definitions are different from what is commonly accepted, but these are not altogether definitive. Much is left for the reader to assume or presume.

Questions arise:

  • Is this another cult, a new religion, or the Anti-Christ?
  • If we have sacrificed the word ‘knowledge’ to ‘awareness’ as described in Part One, can we blame others for reinventing it, and giving it new meaning?
  • If knowledge is innate and merely awaiting discovery, what purpose is served by free will and learning?
  • Have we been cautioned, not just to sharpen our act concerning uninvited visitors and intervention, but to abandon apathy and subjectivism, and to engage objective critical thinking?
  • How can a declaration of human sovereignty negating intervention have any validity, without we first declare our unalienable right to life, and our freedom from authoritarian oppressors? Are we being misguided? If so, is this the same ignorance we are cautioned or accused of?

More questions arise I’m sure. This passage caught my eye as perhaps the most definitive of all explanations given.

‘Knowledge represents the promise within you that you have a greater identity and a greater purpose in the world. It represents the promise that there are greater relationships within the world which you can find and develop given the correct understanding and the realization of an underlying purpose in life which is yours specifically to fulfil. Here your definition of your purpose must remain undefined, for in truth it is something that will come together very slowly.’ –Marshall Vian Summers.

That explanation is closest to summarising what I described in ‘Law from Within’ as wholesome communion between our conscious and subconscious minds, the core of spiritual harmony.

  • I nominated ‘full consciousness’ as our spiritual essence. The Allies of Humanity call it ‘Knowledge; the spiritual intelligence that lives within each person.’
  • They say it is ‘the timeless part of us which cannot be influenced, manipulated or corrupted.’ I described our mental processes as innate and incorruptible, adding that our free will allows erroneous information to be processed within those untouchable boundaries, precisely to ensure that our will prevails. Is that what the Allies of Humanity have yet to learn about humans?

This passage is worth careful consideration.

‘Knowledge represents your bond and your intrinsic relationship with all life. Yet Knowledge has a specific mission for you in this life—a mission which you are encouraged to discover, to accept, to integrate and to fulfil. In other words, Knowledge is not everything within you; Knowledge is your connection to everything. Knowledge is intelligent; it is here for a purpose. Knowledge is the part of your mind that is spiritual and permanent. It is the part of your mind that knows who you are and why you have come here, who you must reach and what you must accomplish.’ –Marshall Vian Summers

Is there any difference between that passage and my descriptions of ‘full consciousness’ in Law from Within? Very little, I submit. Re-read that quotation using the phrase full consciousness, in place of the word knowledge, and you’ll see.

My new (soon to be released) book entitled ‘Conscious Dynamics’ deals  with full consciousness in depth.

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