Is raising our consciousness a delusion?

What does raising our consciousness mean? Let’s be very specific because there are countless writers and many websites that use this phrase as though everyone understands it. It seems as though anyone who questions expanding or raising our consciousness, illustrates through ignorance the need for so doing. It’s apparent that much ambiguity surrounds the subject of consciousness. Moreover, those who address it seem least likely or able to explain it.

What is consciousness?

Is consciousness a ‘thing,’ an identifiable entity, or is it a mental process? My question refers to localised consciousness, within us, not to what might be called a universal consciousness. Lack of this distinction seems to be the cause of much confusion.

Science uses many words to denote concepts that are neither tangible nor material things. For example, it’s not possible to buy any measure of velocity, rotation, mass or inertia at your local hardware store. These concepts are ‘real’ nonetheless because they anchor to material existence. Something must exist to rotate or have mass.

Mental consciousness

Is consciousness real in like manner? Let’s consider a simple example, that of lifting a box from the floor and placing it on a shelf, or platform. Necessarily we must weigh all logistics and considerations. How heavy is it? Will I need assistance, a forklift truck or a crane? Might I suffer an injury? Should I take precautions? What benefit is achieved and what penalty might result otherwise? Such questions and answers are the processes of inquiry, investigation, analysis, judgement, and decision making. We apply thought to an enquiry, more consideration to our findings, more to our decisions, and still more thinking about our actions.

We are conscious throughout this whole process, but here is the vital question. Is consciousness our (thought) energy, or is consciousness the ‘process’ to which we apply our thinking? Is consciousness applied energy or vibrations in fact, or is consciousness the mental process (faculty) fueled by our (thought) energy?

Does consciousness have a physiological parallel?

The human body offers vital clues. ‘Digestion’ is the process of breaking down, dissolution; assimilation, absorption, and taking up of nutrients inherent in what we eat and drink. This process separates and uses what is useful and eliminates what is not.

I posit that ‘consciousness’ is the mental/emotional/spiritual equivalent of our ‘digestion process.’ That is to say, ’consciousness’ is the process of breaking down, dissolution; assimilation, and taking up of values inherent in what we consider, investigate, think, analyse and contemplate. This process must separate and use what is useful and exclude what is not. If thinking is the fuel or energy of consciousness, then consciousness is indeed a ‘process,’ not a material entity, or thing, such as (vibrational) energy. This judgment is not to split hairs, instead, not pointing to black hair as an example of blonde hair.

Raising our consciousness

Now the cat is with the pigeons well and truly. My description above flies in the face of commonly accepted ‘consciousness,’ and the matter of raising our consciousness. From some quarters I may be accused of being grounded in linear thinking.

What we think and how we behave is a rate of frequency. If we change how we think and behave we raise our frequency. Access to higher frequency is how one accesses higher intelligence, which are levels of higher operating sentience. Expanding Consciousness goes beyond acquiring mental knowledge in linear thinking and into the realm of direct cognition and higher sensory perceptual experiences. —Lisa Renee

Such argument is commonplace today, yet, if consciousness begins with acquiring mental knowledge through linear thinking, how does going beyond give cause to abandon the means of its success? Is the conscious process inherent in us complete? Or did Creator forget something, such that we must expand or begin raising our consciousness to discover and implement it fully? Is ‘consciousness’ the process of using our conscious (cognitive) and subconscious minds? Why do we have two minds?

Is raising our consciousness greater understanding?

The answer lies in the question, surely. If consciousness is independent of understanding, what need is there to ‘consciously understand’ anything? If, however, ‘consciousness’ and ‘knowledge’ are co-dependent, yet different, then what depends on what? Is understanding a process and consciousness its product? Or is consciousness a process, and understanding the result?

Does a child who knows that 2 + 2 = 4, raise her consciousness when she learns that 20 + 20 = 40, or has she grasped the rudiments of base ten math, and so expanded her knowledge? Because then the answer to 300 + 300 =, is reached intuitively. How far might she go (or grow) by fuelling her consciousness with ever increasing knowledge, mental nutrients upon which our conscious process entirely relies?

To become aware, and therefore in a certain sense ‘to be free’, carries with it responsibility. A responsibility to help bring about a radical change (in society). A change informed by the bigger awareness achieved by our new-found consciousness. This is the pay-back we are bound to make. For having ‘seen the truth’ one cannot then hide from it. One cannot simply sit crossed-legged and dream of a better life. –Julian Rose 

My new book, ’Conscious Dynamics,’ soon to be published, deals with the conscious process as never described before.

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One thought on “Is raising our consciousness a delusion?

  1. Thanks Ken, for the important questions asked and more of your valuable insights breaking down some of the myths around ‘Consciousness’ and by providing fuller understanding into ‘how it all works’ in a manner that details and differs from other authors.
    This topic certainly seems to have become an area more about assumptions generally made about what ‘consciousness’ is, rather than about raising awareness and understanding of all that is involved in these process of the two minds.
    Your detail of ‘how it all works’ can only help demystify this topic and broaden the knowledge, whilst helping each individual learn to access and harness their dynamic power of being, through their own source connection to their I AM presence!!

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