Freedom or Monopoly?

Most of us have played the game of ‘monopoly’ at some time with all innocence. It is fun to buy make-believe houses and hotels, or be the banker while having a beer or two with friends. Governments adore monopoly, being that of exclusive possession or control. They seize on our acceptance of make-believe and create ‘artificial persons’ as though they had created players for a similar board game. Like monopoly tokens, their artificial persons known as Legal Entities or citizens, have no life characteristics at all. They are not living, human individuals. They have no language, do not breathe, cannot pick up a pen, drive a car, open an envelope, or do anything. They are dead, fictional creations wholly dependent upon living human beings in whose name each one exists. Accordingly, governments must create artificial laws to control the ‘players,’ to exercise their monopoly. So it is that we must have a hunting license, drivers licence, bank account, marriage certificate and so on, to play the game. By this means we act for the artificial entity created in our name, despite that we are most emphatically not that entity. Nonetheless, we living humans must comply with the fictional laws that govern the artificial persons.

Certified agreement

Government monopoly relies on each of us moving our ‘artificial person’ within the legal boundaries of their game. That is their only concern. We must play along with the fraud, fully believing that we really are the player on their game board. Refusal is met by force. Does Government care who wins or loses, who buys the hotel or goes to jail? Not at all—compliance with their rules is all they want, which means ‘submission’ is the real name of the game. With no victims, they’ve no monopoly and no take-home pay! Opting out must be forbidden. Play and pay. How did we fall into this deadly trap?

There is no game without our consent, no artificiality, no rules, and no servitude. Did they ask our agreement? No. While we were too young to know the difference, government invented a ‘birth certificate’ to legally lock us into the game of artificial entities. By signing government documents thereafter, we agree to act for the Legal Entity they created. In other words, our handwritten signature attests the same life force and conscious will that energised our first breath, and all since. It follows that our written signature breathes (our) life into governments’ fictional creation, just like moving a piece on a (monopoly) game board, but with consequences upheld by ‘law’ and backed by deadly force.

Wilful betrayal

Muscles in our fingers that put ink on paper provides governments with written proof that we are the life-force of the (non-living) entity they created. The monopoly trap is sprung, and we’re locked in its jaws. After that, we are forced to act as though we are that legal fiction, and so the deadly game continues.

Here is a question. It may be said that our signature permits our life force and conscious will to betray itself, but is that really our wilful consent, or is it submission to absolute tyranny under threat, our last resort for survival? Do we consent or are we forced to submit?

Many readers will know of this legally forced deception having devastating harms on many fronts. Increasingly, people are pleading that this game of monopoly be over, now! They want the curtains of deception pulled back. Tired of talking about it, sharing information about it and making videos, they are ‘done’ with it, so they say. But are they?

Suppose we all refused? Suppose we all insisted that we actually live and demand we be identified as living beings, not legal entities, be treated as humans not fictions. Suppose we called out this criminal theft of our nature and exposed government falsification of who and what we are. Were government monopoly thus eliminated, who would profit? Would it be you and me, our children, the whole of humankind?

Monopoly or freedom? 

Isn’t it time to stop this lunacy? Allowing our living being to be the life force of fictional dead entities, created for the benefit of a few at our expense of all others, is tragic if not insane. We have the life. We are the energy. We have an identity, and we have Creator on our side. Our signatures and our lives are the only things that can give ‘life’ to the biggest fraud in history! Refusal is the only thing that will defeat it. Governments know that we betray ourself every time we act as though their legal entity, but they rely heavily on us not knowing.

Unless and until we uphold individual rights as living beings, and embrace Natural Law, authority will never be shown the outlaw that it is. And there’s the difference. If we are to tear down this tyrannical artifice of monopoly, what societal structure will we put in its place? What will be its founding premises, its ethics, law, morality and system of justice? What will replace false education curricula, e.g., describing geo-engineered (chem-trail) clouds using fancy invented names as though new discoveries of nature? What will ensure that truth will substitute for mysticisms, subjectivism and erroneous ideologies, not forgetting the stupidity of political correctness? Actions, or more words?

Am I right to conclude that we’re not all ‘done’ yet—that we’ve barely begun? Many years ago someone remarked that we could not have World War III until we stopped writing books and making movies about the first two. Until we earnestly pursue alternatives and act on them, today’s monopoly will persist and that is servitude, not a game.

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One thought on “Freedom or Monopoly?

  1. A good read thanks Ken. Unfortunately, the “trap” is so well hidden that we are well and truly locked in its jaws, sometimes years, before coming to the realisation that you have expressed so well here. Furthermore, the pursuit of electronic “everything” coupled with AI, is making it increasingly more difficult to escape the monopoly board and live a natural and free life.

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