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My last (two-part) post lamented human scientific inquiry of our nature from a life enhancement perspective. My goal was to illustrate that despite vast amounts of time, money and energy often given these days to solving problems, so much more can be gained by constructively focussing on alternatives. This includes the subject of human science, especially as it concerns our daily experiences.

Connect those two and a new world of life enhancement appears. By understanding how our mental and emotional faculties work in unison, we can see seriousness, and importance, in different things, thus rendering many problems inconsequential. With new meaning and purpose having no relationship to problem matters, we can indulge ourselves in life-enhancing ways, free of encumbrances and mental stumbling blocks.

What is your narrative?

In one of the most encouraging videos I’ve seen in some time, Justin Deschamps (Stillness in the Storm) examines how one’s responsive attitude to a life experience will flavour the experience positively or negatively.

‘From the age of zero to six, our consciousness absorbs information like a sponge, forming the personal narrative we use to guide our lives. Often this doesn’t change much after we grow up, and yet it probably should. These early childhood narratives were developed when our rational mind wasn’t fully formed, which means we couldn’t discern if a belief was good or bad for us yet. They are laden with disempowering beliefs and baggage adopted from our parents, friends, culture, and of course, popular media.

Given this, developing the ability to analyze your story, and most importantly, acquiring the ability to change it consciously, is the key to ever-expanding personal growth. Even more, without doing this inner-work to change our story, the traumas of the past, present, and future can’t be healed fully. The more we master this skill of skills the more enriching, fulfilling, and prosperous our lives become.’ — Justin Deschamps

Grasp the vital essence of those introductory paragraphs. Watch the video for the full story. A myriad of beleaguering mental and emotional problems may consign to oblivion, by merely reconstructing the narrative of its explanation. Most simply stated, choose to describe daily experiences constructively instead of destructively, and the ‘more enriching, fulfilling, and prosperous our lives become,’ the more we master life enhancement.

Living Sequence

Understanding how our conscious and subconscious minds function in unison will be extremely beneficial for tuning our attitudes concerning life’s experiences toward life enhancement. I’ll explain.

I received mail recently from Max Taylor who wrote the ‘Foreword’ in my book ‘Law from Within.’ In this mail, he wrote, ‘I woke up yesterday with the phrase “Living Sequence” going through my head. Don’t know where it came from.’ I recognised it instantly, as the summation of mental and emotional explanations in the book.

Explanations in my book showed a living sequence that no other author has written of, at least to my knowledge. Let me explain it this way. Many authors speak of two mental faculties, conscious mind, and subconscious mind. Some muddy the waters by speaking also of unconsciousness. This notion seems to be the splitting of the subconscious mind into two elements, wherein one is below cognitive mind and understandable as subconscious, the other so remotely detached that we can never be conscious of it. I may be wrong in that description—suffice to say I find the concept of unconscious mind untenable. Admittedly, an entity that is unidentifiable can never offer anything identifiably valuable, to life. Neither can one actually be conscious of ‘unconsciousness,’ I submit. Surely the idea that something exists, of which we can never be conscious, leaves cognitive mind wide open to speculative invention, fiction, false ideology and propaganda, confusing at best, BS at worst? But I’ve digressed.

Life Enhancement

No author I am aware of has identified that our cognitive mind is functionally sandwiched between two different (but related) aspects of the subconscious mind. Reach that conclusion, as I’ve shown, and suddenly there is a purposeful sequence in our mental processes. The phrase ‘Living Sequence’ rather aptly describes our thought process necessary for living. Most importantly, this sequential process is a closed loop. Three stages return to the beginning of the first step on completion, but with increased understanding or enlightenment. With no open ends there is no entry point for bogus ideologies or energetic influence, as some may assert. Falsities may enter, however, if we do not understand this closed loop and exercise it.

It emerges that this three-stage ‘living sequence’ rids the idea of duality, as might lead to competition or conflict within our mental processes. The sequence delivers coherence, connectivity, and cooperation to present a natural ‘orderliness,’ this word being the etymological foundation of the word ‘law.’ Hence natural law is encrypted in our nature.

‘Natural Laws are precepts which so necessarily agree with the nature and state of man, that without observing Creator’s maxims, the peace and happiness of society can never be preserved.’

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POSTSCRIPT: This video deals a lot with life enhancement. It is one hour 20 minutes and I highly recommended it. Although Dr Bruce Lipton comes from the disciplines of cellular biology, genetics and quantum physics, and my research is in philosophy and natural law, it seems that we are on the same page in very many respects. Dr. Lipton is the proverbial academic “insider” whose paradigm-busting discoveries and ideas dismantle the lies and frauds of ages concerning consciousness and biology. Are the mind and brain the same? Are materialists right to conflated the two? If not, why not? Are humans condemned to be victims of internal and external forces? Enjoy the video.

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  1. Thanks Ken,
    I find this very interesting particularly in relation to how much our thoughts, beliefs have been shaped by parents, media, societal influences, schools especially whilst young, and that with this knowledge we can choose to change how we perceived both current and past experiences. This methodology and understanding can lead to healing as we realise we can choose different thoughts and change the awareness of the perceived said experiences for a better outcome! Awesome. This really is very powerful once fully realised and practised as shown in your book, Law from Within. I truly hope this information reaches people early in life to help shift into new paradigm beingness.

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