Ten natural law tenets

Before studying individual natural laws, it is important to grasp their underlying natural law tenets. We must go back even further because opposition to natural-law philosophy has ensued from its very beginning. Today’s mindset offers a clue, namely the idea that no action is right or wrong unless some law (or custom) pronounces right from wrong. Hence positive law takes precedence over natural law, thereby overruling Man’s nature.

An inverted morality

The ‘positivist’ doctrine of law is prevalent today. Modern law-schools teach it. Totalitarian regimes thrive on the precepts of rule and commandment, backed by force. So does democracy. Thus state laws are the only prescriptive ‘oughts’ that human beings must obey. According to this precept, nothing is just, or unjust until it is declared and enacted through positive law. It seemingly matters least that natural law existed before the creation of positive law, and is independent of it.
Do you see the tragic stupidity of this? The state rejects our nature as individual living beings, yet upholds it as the source of morality. No one calls this lunacy to account. Why then do we wonder centuries of persecution, dictatorship, tyranny, slavery, and bloody wars? We reap what we sow.

Law is order – orderliness

The root of this tragedy goes very deep. It’s not a simple mistake about good and evil. It’s our inability to understand the nature of human life, leaving us powerless to employ its ethics in a free society. Accordingly, our mindset fixates on indispensable authority, command or rule; completely ignoring the natural orderliness of who and what we are.
We’ve not explored natural orderliness that lies within each of us, nor its lessons. We’ve not understood that natural law is nature’s (or Creator’s) invitation to live in the fullness of our potential. At the personal level, all natural laws point to an individuated morality, and not one of them commands. All uphold men and women’s free will.
The following ten natural law tenets establish a foundation for natural laws. Twenty natural laws arise and are discussed in four chapters of Law from Within.

List of Natural Law Tenets

1 Natural Law is to be respected; not obeyed
Man’s free will is always free! Natural law cannot be obeyed or disobeyed. Every living man, woman, and child have free will choice to respect natural law, treat it with belligerence or contempt, even refuse it. Notwithstanding, all consequences that befall are one’s own.

2 Natural law is of Man; not for Man
Integrity, honesty, commitment, truth, and self-preservation are inherent in the natural laws that govern all our faculties, systems and processes, without which life would cease. Because the content of free will mind is not so governed, Creator has endowed Man with a conscience, and an emotional faculty which prompt and impel that Man should choose life supporting goals.
It follows that values, ethics, and morality, all emanate from within individual men and women in every country and culture, each according to his or her choice, and correspondent with the right of all others so to choose.

3 Natural law is objective, not subjective
Natural laws exist to sustain every individual’s life. Transfer these into Man’s societal dealings with others and not one thing changes. Personal desire does not translate to what government approves. Diligent application of one’s efforts does not mean obeying artificial laws.

4 Natural law is immutable
Natural law is inviolate. It cannot be overruled by any Man or any construct of Man without self-confessing (by such action) the unlawful authority so to do.

5 Natural law upholds the individuality of human life
Of all natural law tenets, this is primary. Humanity is the aggregation of separate living beings, all equal by species, all independent by our uniqueness. No (common) lung, organ, brain, stomach, mind or consciousness exists. The individuality of human life cannot fuse into one unified entity, else uniqueness and separate unalienable right to life are foregone.

6 Natural law grants no authority
Natural law does not permit one individual to command another. As the witness of this, the conscious mind cannot overrule subconscious mind, and vice versa. The principle of integrity is self-evident. One’s unalienable right to life is explicit. No one has a right, or authority, to trespass upon another’s life.

7 Natural law refuses all authority
Natural Law denies all authority save its own, whether from a partner, neighbour, pulpit, parliament, congress, or any other source.

8 Natural law admits no trespass
Whosoever (knowingly) initiates the use of physical or coercive force, or fraud against others, negates and paralyses the victim’s means of survival. Two persons cannot be free and equal, when one of them is controlling, managing, threatening, blackmailing or extorting the other. Crime is not committed by free persons, but by those who have chosen to sacrifice their autonomy. Outlaws are not free.

9 Natural Law and Positive Law are antithetical.
Natural Law and Positive Law apply to different things, so cannot be alternative systems of rules applicable to the same thing. Man’s physiology, his intellectual, mental and emotional processes are all governed, but the content of what they process is not.

10 The natural law supports one’s life, respectful of all others.
Integrity, lawfulness, and justice are the foundation and culmination of natural law, the full expression and manifestation of mind, body, and soul having respect to human life.

Freedom or burden?

Those fundamental natural law tenets open the door to even greater understanding. These reflect honesty and integrity found within. Without these qualities, our mental and bodily life could not exist. Effect these virtues in daily life, and morality and justness will manifest in our actions. Having been blessed with Creator’s model of a moral and peaceful society on a personal level, what more remains than to implement the same principles into our societies. Not one thing more is needed, save to implement the arrest of violence.
Natural laws that uphold life are no burden! They are the pathway to freedom!

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One thought on “Ten natural law tenets

  1. Thank you Ken for these beautifully simplified clarifications of the natural tenets… so inherent, but which our so called ‘governments’ and societal laws have deliberately overridden and suppressed by the introduction of so many statutes and regulations over many years. Thousands of false statutes created and introduced to enslave humanity more and more.
    We have been lied to on so many levels to deny us these natural rights, that we may be used to feed and serve the machinations of a psychopathic perception of power over us, be robbed of the realisation of our true spirit and capacity to live spiritual lives on this earthly plane, as well as be used as pawns in war. The intent to use RFID chips that further controlled programmes be enacted is why we need to wake up to our creator endowed natural rights, before we allow total destruction of the human race.
    Oh my goodness, it would be so wonderful to have these tenets used and upheld in the framing of a new paradigm of freedom, respect and integrity, truth and honour. Thank you for shedding the light in this way to help us create this needed change!

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