What on earth is Ius Naturale?

Ius Naturale is Law Natural. Why would I use latin words? To contrast with Lex Naturale. There is good reason. Ius naturale, and lex naturale, both refer to natural law. Not only is this confusing, plagiarised meaning is worse than ambiguous.

What is Lex?

The Latin word ‘lex’ derives from the Latin root verb, ligare, ‘to bind.’ It was translated to mean ‘law.’
Its use, came from mobilising armies, and from organising of military campaigns. Nowadays Lex refers to rules, or laws, issued by the highest political authorities.

What is Ius? Einstein Quotation hits at Ius Naturale

The word ‘law’ was also used to translate the Latin word ‘Ius’. ‘Ius,’ (‘iurare’, to swear), refers to a bond or obligation. Usually one that arises out of a personal commitment made in a solemn speech. More generally, Ius denotes an order of human affairs, stemming from mutual commitment. Ius can also mean a natural, or customary right. Latin for ‘natural law’ is ‘ius naturale’, the genitive form of which is ‘iuris naturalis’. Thus an Ius can exist without it being codified, thereby making it independent of written law. Does customary right, and mutual commitment outside of written law, sound like an organic, or natural law?

Ius naturale versus Lex Naturale

If so, then Lex and Ius are very different, if not opposed to each other. So the word ‘Naturale’ or ‘Naturalis’ became appended to the word ‘Ius,’ (law).  The result is ‘Ius naturale,’ or in our language, ‘natural law.’

Lex is man-made law. It offered nothing from nature or what is natural. So Lex adopted a suffix to offset that deficiency, supposedly to grant moral standing. Thus it became ‘Lex Naturale,’ or ‘Lex Naturalis.’
Both ‘Ius naturale’ and ‘Lex naturale’ now refer to natural law. There lies the lie. Lex Naturale assumes authority as though natural rights morally approve. Yet Ius has nothing to do with exercising political authority. Ius stems from mutual commitment, not authoritarian rule. ‘Rule’ remains attached to its Lex origin, however. Add ‘naturale,’ and rule is deemed moral by nature. By this devious means, Lex as ‘positive law,’ today grants itself the right to overrule Ius naturale, or natural law. Creator’s laws are wide open to countermand by Man’s inventions. This is todays condition, the reason natural law is refused.

Plainly obvious, natural law will never spin money the way millions of invented laws can. So who wins?

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild.

Is law to be made, as that statement claims?  Or is law natural, endowed by Creator? There’ll be much more about natural law in later posts.

PS:  A great synopsis of natural law in context, can be found in this video by Judge Napolitano, recorded at the Mises Circle in Costa Mesa, California, 8 November 2014. Parallels between the work of Judge Napolitano, and my descriptions in Law from Within, are truly remarkable.

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3 thoughts on “What on earth is Ius Naturale?

  1. It’s reallү a great and ᥙseful piece of іnformation.
    I’m happy that you shared this helpful information with us.
    Pleɑse keep us up to date like thiѕ. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Linda. You are first to comment on this blog and what a beautiful, loving tone you’ve set. If others can emulate your sentiments, we will all progress.

  3. Thank you ken, for highlighting the differences on natural law and those lex laws, rules, meant to bind us and created by our purported ‘highest authorities’ in political arenas. This is all part of the agenda to enslave us, via our consent, without full disclosure of exactly how that has been working against us.

    It is very much like the way ‘human’ person is now being used by government corporations for online signups and the all caps named forms/cards, which are our legal fiction names, used to get our unwitting consent, to enable monetising the people via commerce. This feeds the current government controls, taking away more rights as established in our Constitution, to protect us from an overbearing Government!

    We can learn much from your studies and book, about the inherent, natural, living being rights we were granted by Creator and how to re claim our power and change things for good.

    It is important that your work gets this vital information out there, so folks realise what’s been going on and help to build a new way of living that embodies our natural rights! So grateful for this education and love the Andrew Politano video you linked..against tyranny!

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