Can volitional consciousness shift reality?

Will shifting volitional consciousness, shift our reality? First, let’s ask what is meant by shifting our ‘consciousness’? Then let’s ask what shifting ‘reality’ means. It is sad to say that many narratives use words today in ways that hide of hinder their meanings, whereby our understanding becomes guesswork. For example, does changing our consciousness refer to expanding our conscious focus within a set pathway? Does it mean us following a different path? Perhaps we should more intently focus on a particular thought or task? Else it may mean that we abandon  cognitive thought and just feel, supposedly to see things from a different perspective? What on earth does the phrase ‘shifting (or raising) our consciousness’ define?

How are we to know what ambiguous phrases mean? Are we merely supposed to know? Are we all caught up in a language of buzzwords, as though a member of a club of sorts? Without specific meaning, what value do such narratives offer their readers?

Volitional consciousness is our tool of survival

Free choice does not allow our conscious faculty to function automatically. We must decide to think, therefore. We must choose what to consider, or evaluate, and what subject to pursue. Volition, means the faculty or power of using one’s will; one’s choice. Nature offers no escape route. In other words, we must consciously choose to activate what we are. We’re not fully ourselves just by being born in a human body. Our real being is not merely that we have an abstractive, conceptual, conscious faculty, but that we use it. To abandon or put aside our conscious faculty is to deny what indeed we are, in principle.

“Man’s consciousness is his least known and most abused vital organ. Most people believe that consciousness as such is some sort of indeterminate faculty which has no nature, no specific identity and, therefore, no requirements, no needs, no rules for being properly or improperly used. The simplest example of this belief is people’s willingness to lie or cheat, to fake reality on the premise that “I’m the only one who’ll know” or “It’s only in my mind”—without any concern for what this does to one’s mind, what complex, untraceable, disastrous impairments it produces, what crippling damage may result.” —Ayn Rand

Is our free choice ruled?

Yes, the natural laws of its nature, automatically regulate our free choice faculty. Our conscious faculty must be governed if we are to freely choose our thoughts, and process them without internal corruption. In the same way that we choose what to eat and drink, but cannot change our digestive process, so the same applies to volitional consciousness. We are not able to change its functionality. Neither can it do anything itself, other than what Creator has tasked. With this guarantee of valid performance, we’re truly blessed, because the content of what we think is not regulated. Said differently, our cognitive process is governed so that our (volitional consciousness) choices remain free. Free choice is indeed free!

Accordingly, we are each completely free to shift or alter our focus, our intent, desires, thoughts, ambitions, and goals. To refer to this as ‘shifting our consciousness’ is derelict, I submit. We can exercise our consciousness in a multitude of ways, truthfully, or untruthfully. Nevertheless, neither will shift our conscious process from its task one iota.

Accepting Reality

So now the original question can be re-written. Does exercising our volitional consciousness change our reality? How can it? New thinking, or revised thoughts, serve only to change the mental conclusions that we reach. Nothing material will change until we act upon those determinations. We must will the desired outcome, by acting. Only then will we adapt what is real to our benefit.

Will action alter our reality?

Volitional consciousness vs Reality

How could it? ‘Reality’ is that, which exists. Existence exists—and only existence exists. Its nature is irreducible and unalterable. The unreal does not exist. Negation of reality is a human consciousness that attempts to abandon reason.

‘Reality’ is the state of material existence, in contrast to that which does not exist. We observe that an entity has a specific nature made of specific attributes. These constituents present what exists, what is real, to our conscious awareness. Constituents, attributes, and properties, define what a physical object is, its reality, that it exists; its true identity. Identity allows conscious identification, which shows that things, events, or circumstances, precede thought, language, and communication.

Ambiguity and self delusion

Exactly as for consciousness, if we believe that reality has no specific nature and no specific identity, then we can pretend whatever we want. We can indulge self-delusion and so we must exercise caution. For example; lump-sum referencing a myriad of different entities under the banner of ‘reality’ conceals, or denies their singular identities. Laziness of thought, vagueness, looseness and ambiguity, deny or hinder conscious identification. Mental delusion permits lying or cheating in the hope of faking reality.  Within that realm, all conscious deliberation, language, and communication hangs on invented, unverifiable fictions. Volitional consciousness is immune from delusion of this kind because its process is governed, as prior explained. We choose good or evil, what is authentic or delusional, because our choices are guaranteed to be free. We travel the path of faking reality, at our peril, nonetheless it remains our choice.

Governments love self-delusion based on faked reality. Stripping the letters ‘ID’ from the word ‘identity’ fraudulently permits their construction of a ‘legal entity,’ this asserted as our proper ID. Our real identity is locked into life, and to the faculty of volitional consciousness. Life defines our real Identification. Is this tragedy of human endeavour deliberate, or inadvertent? Some of both, I submit. Sadly, many today who desire to awaken us to full conscious appreciation of life, have fallen for buzzwords that bypass the natural laws of ‘identity’ and ‘causality.’ You’ll find both the laws discussed in my book, Law from Within.

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