Life-values and our subconscious powerhouse

Life-values and our subconscious powerhouse go hand in glove. My last post spoke about conscious focus, as words would describe, versus what an image, or imagined outcome might deliver. Now I want to explain why I made that distinction, and why it is so important.

Words are the vocabulary of our cognitive consciousness or our conscious mind. Images are the vocabulary of our subconscious mind. Ordinarily, we choose a goal or desire, something that we seek to attain. We describe it with a word or phrase. But what is our real focus? Is it just the word, or is it what we desire, all done? Are we truly passionate about the result, or only paying lip service?

Success depends on more than just focus. It requires us to put a ‘value’ on what we’ve chosen. What benefit does our particular desire or goal bring to our life? What value does it offer to our life? If we truly prize this goal, if we’re passionate about achieving a particular desire, it will be impressed upon our subconscious mind, additional to our conscious mind.

One whole chapter, in Law From Within, is given to life-values, and to programming our subconscious mind using images. Another section deals with how these value-images affect memory, intuition, conscience, and emotions. None of this is taught today, sadly.

Some people say that what we allow our thoughts and hearts to dwell on, will eventually translate into an active or passive direction in our lives. There is some truth to this, but what exactly determines what is active and what is passive? Do these words loosely refer to the difference between hoping for a particular outcome, versus actively pursuing it with zeal and purpose? Isn’t it true that we determine the measure, that in turn affects the outcome?

Today we are trapped by controls, locked into a socioeconomic paradigm that forces us to serve it before we can assist ourselves. Although taught that ‘society by government’ exists for our survival, the truth is that we are its survival. We, each, are the value upon which society depends. Accordingly, our goals and desires as individuals must stand in line behind authoritarian demands. We’re forced to surrender to statute rules for control purposes, such enforcement held to be moral. Anyone who dares dissent is thought to be immoral. It’s as though no alternative could ever exist.

Fortunately, this fraudulent dictatorial behemoth is collapsing. It must because it has no foundation in truth and the natural laws of Man’s nature. More people are becoming aware of the control grid, its machinations and its workings. Many people describe it ills, its intrusion into our lives, its penalties and punishments. They decry its violations and its violence. Many believe, should I say hope, that raising awareness will birth understanding about what has been hidden, including the power of our nature. Ostensibly this will change our vibrational and energetic paradigm and beneficially alter millions of lives.

How exactly? Isn’t the ‘how’ of such change exactly what people want to know? If the control grid vanishes, what will take its place? Should anything replace it? What will substitute for the comforts and protections that so many people believe present government provides? Who will volunteer to give up what they perceive as benefits if nothing more substantive offers? Who will volunteer effort and greater responsibility for themselves if all they perceive is a loss, not gain?

Focus on LifeOur subconscious powerhouse is key to freedom through responsibility

It’s time to change the prevailing mindset. We, each, are our value. More than material or monetary value, we are the spiritual value of ourselves. We hold all the aces; government a parasitic invention. Nature decrees that we play our cards, yet are free to ignore them. We call this free will. Understanding who, and what we are, is imperative. That’s said over and over, but learning how, is where we must begin. Only then can we sever ourselves from what is holding us back, and discover the enormity of our potential.

The secret lies in understanding how imagery impresses our subconscious mind with what we fervently desire. ‘Law from Within’ describes that process across several chapters. It explains the subconscious mind, and that it exists only to uphold our life. Because its vocabulary is images, not words, it wants that we each paint our picture of what we truly desire. It wants to see our ambitions in glowing colour, meaning that it wants to see our passion for achieving what we choose. It wants that we put a value on our goals; to picture what (spiritual) benefit a particular intent will bring to our life. Subconscious mind wants us to consciously make it our subconscious powerhouse! It wants to know what we value, not what church, society, government, culture, or some busybody indoctrinates into our heads. We are living our life, not theirs!

Subconscious mind wants that you paint a picture of attainment in your imagination, as all done and finished. That is a particularly convincing argument. It testifies your fervour and resolve to get it done. Did you know that Nicola Tesla imagined most all of his real achievements before their actual accomplishment?

Our Subconscious powerhouse

Subconscious mind wants us to be specific, to choose our colours, our brushes, and make brush strokes with clarity and purpose. Our art pallet is truth, honesty, respect, and every life-virtue we can name. That’s where our spiritual value lies, and where pure passion locates. Life-values fuel our subconscious powerhouse.

What happens if we take the passive route—if we do not make this effort? Subconscious mind then sees a picture of passivity expressed by our actions. Refusing to choose, is a choice, and ‘actions speak louder than words. ‘Represented value, in this case, is severance from life’s blessings, almost as though life is automatic and nothing can be done to change that. Should we wonder how the government sees a gate wide open and slams it shut in our face?

By painting value choices on the canvas of our subconscious mind, we can envision vital creations in music, literature, the arts, architecture, health and in societal dealings. Then we’ll see pictures of a vibrant new society. We will see how it functions and how it delivers successes, one after the other.

This post is the tip of an iceberg. The power of imagery is amazing. Capture its potential, add life-values, and prove a potential you’ve never dreamt before. Law From Within describes how infants can upload pictures to their subconscious powerhouse, despite no language, science, or math. How much might we exceed that achievement?

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One thought on “Life-values and our subconscious powerhouse

  1. Thank you ken for clarifying many points of application so we can better under- stand (but not stand under the old failing system of government corporate controls… wink) how to empower ourselves to live a life of joy by free will choice, focus and intent to achieve and imagine the end result each and every time, until it becomes second nature.

    I know, for myself, I did some of that instinctively in the past and many times imagined and put out there quite clearly what I wanted, let it go and waited for it to present, manifest, which was incredible in how it did at times!

    So this is so good to read and to realise how much I let some of it slip away from my way of being. Looking forward to reading more of your wisdoms in the book and on here!
    Much gratitude to you! Always and in all ways. I truly hope that others take up this challenge and help their children learn this early!

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