Discover Nature’s Invitation to Live in integrity

Which might you prefer, Nature’s invitation to live, or eighty million man-made laws scattered in libraries world-wide? Millions think that government is crooked, if not evil, as though a fox guarding the chicken house. Ruled for as long as they can remember, they regularly vote for a new fox, hopefully, one with morals and genuinely concerned with their security and well-being. It seems not to matter that doing the same thing while expecting a different result, is insanity! With a fixed mindset, they tremble in fear should the fox vanish. Anarchy, mayhem, and bloody murder are beyond doubt, they believe.

No one explains the natural law, much less its real source. More money will come from millions of law books, legal theft, rules enforced with gunpowder, building armies and making wars. Bogus philosophies, errant ideologies and mentally subversive mysticisms have wrought a devastating toll. Nothing stops this avalanche of evil, purportedly ‘for the benefit of mankind.’

Nevertheless, many suggest that mankind is awakening—to what? Are people awakening to the idea that the fox must go—that we are capable of self-governance within the natural law? It seems not, despite common fixation with the golden rule, and non-aggression principle, as though sufficient.

How much longer must we deny laws that govern our bodies and minds, and the lessons they teach?

Law as you’ve never considered it

My book, ‘Law from Within,’ goes beyond current thought on these subjects. Its compass is broad; from cells, within our bodies, to mental, emotional and spiritual matters. It describes ethics, morality and the principles of twenty natural laws that serve justice in a free society.

Think for a moment. All cells, tissues, and organs are unique and independent in our bodies, yet they all work to uphold our life. Thus orderliness exists within our bodies, necessary for it to function. These natural law principles are relatively easy to find within our biology. Not so in many descriptions of our mental abilities, emotions and six higher faculties, least until the vitality of subconscious mind falls into place. Then the floodgates open. Everything fits perfectly.

Reconsider society

There’s no government within us, but protections are provided, such as our immune system, conscience and emotions. Man’s nature and the principles of natural law as Creator endowed are astounding! Consciousness, subconscious mind, free will, emotions, ethics, morality and justice are revealed in a new light. Investigation of our subconscious mind including our six higher faculties reveals a process that humanities and social sciences have not yet considered. It shows our whole being working to perfection governed by natural laws supportive of our free will.

It is as though the fullness of our mind and body was a convivial society consisting of unique individuals. Hold that thought and expand it. Think of it as Creator’s model for human societies, fully encrypted into our human nature. What better could human society ask, than a model that already honours and protects every one of us? Natural laws cannot rule, or we have no free will. When fully respected within oneself, and reciprocally for others, benefits and joys are unleashed beyond anything that man-made laws could ever conceive.

Nature’s invitation to live

Book: Law From Within - Nature’s invitation to live,

Let that expanded vision of society sink in, as the book describes. See how Creator has invited each of us to live truly, uniquely and independently. Human rights, ethics, morality, and justice show as never before. See also how peace and happiness of society may forever preserve, just because those maxims so utterly agree with our nature. Identify what has been hidden from men and women for centuries. Discover nature’s invitation to live in integrity with yourself and others!

‘Nature itself is usually a better teacher/leader than almost any human. — There are too many leaders telling people how to think. We desperately need more radical leaders who teach people how to think for themselves. —Gary ‘Z’ McGee

This book is unique. Just as nothing foretold America’s ‘Declaration of Independence’ before being written, ‘Law From Within’ entirely challenges the essence of ‘rule.’ Principles of natural law offer a new society unlike anything history has ever ventured.

For those who’s passion is libertarianism, voluntarism, anarchy, minarchy, agorism, or kritarchy, the principles of natural law are essential.

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