Is Man a social animal, or not?

Is Man a social animal? Or, are you a precious, unique, living human being? Are you slave to a societal machine wielding tyranny, oppression, mind theft, violence, war, and terrorising police forces, for your security and well-being of course? Does insanity spring to mind? Can you raise a hand in protest without a law first approves it? To whom, or what, are you beholden? Would you storm enemy beaches, parachute behind enemy lines, and charge into battle to defend freedom, as young men and women did seventy years back? Or, has your mind been so degraded that you believe ‘safe zones’ on college campuses are necessary to protect fragile emotions from ‘offensive words?’

Social animal versus living Man

Observe that animals necessarily adapt themselves to their natural environment, as determined by their animal nature. When conditions are adverse, they perish. Man is different, which implies that  must convert nature to our purposes. Accordingly, blessed with cognitive consciousness and free will. By choice, we make farms and clothing, build roads and factories, irrigation dams and airports. We transform raw materials into resources. From these we make products, e.g., from iron ore, through steel, to bridge girders. Necessarily, we adopt engineering and safety standards for worker and end user protection, as well we should.

Observe the very profound difference between animals and humans. Animals adjust themselves to their material environment as best they can. As their environment changes, e.g., summer to winter, so they adapt to it. We are different. Cognitive consciousness and free will allow, indeed necessitate, that we adapt the environment to ourselves. Moreover, our environment changes as result of others actions.

Switched Environments

Now consider the political circumstances in which we live. It is well-known that governments lie; indeed a politician’s job is to lie. Propaganda is rife within media, the state, and within the classroom. Censorship assumes a myriad of forms aided through propaganda, dogma, and political correctness, and in may other ways. Banks fund crimes against humanity within their fraudulent practices. Corporatised government’s tyrannical powers search and steal, confiscate savings and property. Bureaucracies increasingly harass, surveil and thieve, thereby ruining livelihoods and destroying lives.Men and women’s right to life is denied in favour of state superiority.Corporatised society is an invented control system.

Like pieces on a chess board, people are assigned roles, each role differently scripted according to rules. The words president, minister, secretary, senator, person, and citizen, do not identify flesh and blood beings. Instead they name roles, positions, or offices. In this realm, society is an artifice comprised of legal entities, not living, flesh and blood humans. Government serves its legal ends, and all statute rules assist that goal.

Altogether, this political environment is what we ‘citizens’ are expected to adapt to, as though a social animal. We cannot, because this political atmosphere, this political ‘nature’ is not organic. It is a manufactured environment, worse a mandated condition backed by force.

Corporatised government

Governments that fully control the nature of society significantly influence and violate free choice. Nevertheless, living humans deemed (legal) citizens, or social animals, must conform to statute rules. In other words, we’re compelled to adapt to a fraudulently concocted, socio-political environment, like a social animal. We’re bound to adjust to this artificiality, in the manner that animals must adapt to organic life. Converse to our true being, therefore, we’re driven to live in a state of animality. Our flesh and blood are considered as immaterial, save that unless we activate our legal identity, as though indeed we are that (legal) person (persona), the government has nothing and is nothing. Rulers know this, but few others!

Bound to this artificial creation, bound by it, locked in, prisoners, made slave to a political society, we comply as herd animals submit to a cattle farmer’s demands.  Free will expression bows to statutory limitations. The result is oppression, violence, tyranny and war, persisting century after century. Living humans, thus made pawns, exist fully at the mercy of an overseer, a sovereign, a monarch, or government assembly. Such is the degree of artificiality today, under presiding Admiralty Law that no word enables a judge to refer to a living man, or woman. We are all  ‘legal persons,’ ‘citizens,’ or ‘legal entities,’ or social animals. Legally, the word ‘human,’ denotes an animal or monster.


What prompted this notion? The Greek philosopher Aristotle (384–322 BC), notwithstanding his great achievements, offered ‘Man is a social animal.’ Furthermore, he argued, Man cannot survive as an individual. Society precedes the individual and is necessary to prosper. If we view human history as social animals sharing a mode of existence without enmity, daily enjoying constructive, friendly interaction, we delude ourselves on two counts. We are very different from animals. Moreover, given endless wars, existence without enmity, is a lie.

It has become obvious to very many people, that governments of every country and nation have no regard for members of society, save for retaining domination and control. Authorities assume powers of control and disarm people, forbidding defence of their own lives and properties. Political empires that herd and rule men and women as social animals, cannot admit free thought, or they self-destruct. They must, of necessity, indulge in propaganda, control the media, specify school curricular, insist political correctness, etcetera.

There seems no escaping from artificiality that denies individual rights. As ‘top dog,’ government necessarily fights to protect its ‘statute laws’ that routinely trample individual rights and natural laws as though non-existent.

of Natural laws have no place in a contrived political environment.  Many people are awakening to this evil contrivance, but mere awakening is not enough if Man is to be free. Deliberate action requires taking control of our own lives. This website shows a way.

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