Consciousness and Natural Law Freedom

From the etymology perspective, ‘law’ means order or orderliness. (See the post What on earth is Ius Naturale?) Natural law freedom, follows from understanding how order regulates and preserves our free will. Our body, mind, and emotions exhibit orderliness, patterns, and sequences that are fundamental to our life, and to its sustenance. We are each endowed by Creator with natural laws having just one purpose—a full, bountiful, and beautiful life—life with natural law freedom.

Consider that unless your skeletal structure conforms to certain principles, you could not even stand upright. Ingestion precedes digestion, and nothing can change that order. Our heart and lungs are as though two separate beings. They have different cells types, they function differently, never interfering with each other, indeed each actively supports and upholds the other. Our circulatory system and nervous systems are a very efficient and orderly distribution channel and communication system, where both function according to the respective laws of their nature. Five senses survey the world to automatically integrate multiple sensory data, such as lines, textures, shapes, and colours. Our perceptive faculty then presents that unified result to our conscious awareness as one singular thing, such as a bottle, iceberg, or plant. Orderliness is everywhere within our nature. Patterns of order abound.

Natural laws

These are natural laws that lead to natural law freedom. All of them respect our self. None instruct or command. How could they, else we would have no free will? We are free to eat whatever we like, but natural processes that govern digestion cannot be chosen or changed.

If nutritional food satisfies biological needs, what food will satisfy our mental and emotional processes? That’s a no-brainer! Free will is our conscious ability to investigate, evaluate, and choose appropriate actions. We choose what to accept and what to reject. Mental information needs to be truthful, else mental and emotional stress is as inevitable as suffering from poisoned food. Biologically, and intellectually, the bottom line reference base is life itself. Mental information, or data as we call it, is of our choosing; exactly as food and drink.

Volitional consciousness’ is the faculty separating Man from animals. It’s not too hard to see that all men and women on earth are equal by these natural laws, nonetheless uniquely different in expression. Do you see a spiritual aspect here? All relationships within our body and mental processes resolve as virtues, such as integrity, respect, truthfulness, honesty, cooperation and support.

In sum, a code of ethics has been written by Creator into our very nature. That code has another name—natural law. There is no list of thou shall do this and shall not do that. No commandments exist, instead, natural law freedom. Natural laws are to be respected if we wish to live a full and bountiful life. They are Creators invitation to live and love in integrity. Sadly, for many people and many reasons, natural law does not even exist. Not surprisingly, only a few people understand it. Natural law does exist, however, and your life is its undeniable proof.

Question time

Given the natural laws of life are written within our every being, why does Man write commands or statute laws also? What is natural law freedom seem so inappropriate? In a word, the answer is greed. Rules and official edicts spark uncertainty, trauma, emotional and physical distress, financial stress, conflicts, wars, and complex legal systems based in fiction and fraud. Much more money generates from complexity, confusion and conflict than is possible in a free and peaceful society. Widespread ignorance and ever more statutes are the most productive ways to protect that investment. That is why ‘natural law’ is utterly rejected by ‘positive law.’

They are incompatible, (see ‘positive law’), which explains why we’re not taught natural law from within Man. What human sciences, including philosophy, psychology, and sociology, address the intimate relationship between our conscious and subconscious minds, and their natural governing laws? How many teach how (free-will) conscious mind works; indeed how free will is supreme. Google ‘Mans six higher faculties,’ then search for references to subconscious mind inside those pages. Look for orderliness and patterns of order that unite our higher faculties in purpose. Good luck!

Natural law freedom – education is vital

What literature describes how a tender young infant can value-charge its subconscious mind, yet cannot speak, read, write, or use a smart phone. We’ve all achieved that ability, or we would not be using words to communicate. Do schools teach how consciously chosen values may program our subconscious minds, or do they drip feed propaganda instead? Can false ideologies program our subconscious mind without us being aware of concealed corruption? Are human sciences investigating these aspects and teaching their vital importance, or asleep at the wheel? Was our mental ability better understood in the 16th and 17th century? How much. or perhaps how little do we really understand about natural law freedom?

Some people have discovered the profound nature of life, if only by accident. They cherish their discoveries and practice ‘life-values’ because benefits result. These folk live as independent beings as best they can. They are living proof that Creator’s natural laws can be translated into a symbiotic society verbatim.

What can we do? Should children be lied to, propagandised, stripped of their birthright and made servant to the state, like happened to us? If they could be taught even just the rudiments of their mental processes, and how free choice is much more than a yes/no switch, do you think they might beg to know more? Shouldn’t they be shown Creator’s invitation to live fully, and how natural laws will ensure a free society correspondent with personal free choices? ‘Law from within’ offers insights into our mental, emotional and spiritual being from an entirely new viewpoint. Knowledge, not belief, is by far our most productive and powerful tool. It brings wisdom, deep understanding and real truth. Only that can set us free.

Education is vital.

Do you want freedom and peace on earth? If you like Creator’s invitation, please love it, tweet it, socialise it, and surely live it! Nothing will reverence our Creator better than living our life in its fullest capacity, as intentioned.

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