Natural Law Matters

The phrase, Natural Law Matters, title of this website, has a dual meaning. Natural law really does matter, which emphasises need to write about natural law matters.  Please accept a very warm welcome to the first post on my blog site – Natural Law Matters. Few people know what natural law is, yet natural law does matter. Many have simple explanations for it, such as the ‘Golden Rule,’ but that is far too simplistic to be of real value. Most people agree that the word ‘law’ means a command, a rule, an executive order, or some directive statement. There seems no need exists to challenge that idea or stance. Because some people cause harm, or interfere in others lives, laws and enforcement are necessary, so it is believed. From whence did this idea spring? How do some people have the right to command or force others while preaching that force is criminal? 

What is law exactly?

The Latin word ‘Lex’ was translated to law. Lex concerned the mobilising of armies. Meaning changed over time. Law became any directive, rule, or law, issued by the highest political authorities.
The Latin word ‘Ius’ also translated to mean law. Ius refers to a bond or obligation that arises out of a personal commitment made in a solemn speech. This is organic if you will; mutual, uncoerced agreement. In short, an orderly state of cooperative effort. Latin for ‘natural law’ is ‘ius naturale’, the genitive form of which is ‘iuris naturalis’.
As the result, the word Law means directive or rule, issued by the political authorities. Ius denied, free choice commitment regarded antithetical to authoritarian rule. I’ve described this in more detail, in this blog post.

Positive Law

‘Law’ now refers to a national system of social regulation. Imposed by state’s rulers (politicians), and administered by agents and (public) servants. Regulatory systems, backed by force, fall under the academic label of ‘positive law.’ I’ll deal with this in more detail later- because natural law matters.

Three Versions of Law

Natural law contrasts with the human-made laws (positive law) of a given state or society. So we have three versions of law.
  • Natural law, being of nature
  • Common law, based in (moral) tradition,
  • Positive law, (statute rule), as invented by Mankind.
Natural law definition - because, natural law mattersPositive law dominates today. It is for our benefit, comforts and security, we’re told. Common law gets shunted aside, while natural law is flatly rejected. Do you get the feeling that we may have this whole subject back to front?

Natural law matters

Do you see why natural law matters? Its converse relationship to other forms of law (?) is but one of the matters I will deal with. There’s more, much more. Study of our own nature reveals natural laws. They’re within us. Do they have application to society? If they belong to the nature of Man, and Man is a constituent of society, what do you think?
My thought is that we should have known about these laws and adopted them centuries ago. Please subscribe to this blog as these unfold for you, and especially your children.
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