What is Law From Within Man?

The subject of my book, Law From Within, is Law from within Man. This is very different from laws written for Man. Writing took five years almost. Many say that a second book usually follows in quick succession. That may come in time. Meanwhile, many related subjects beg more exploration and more comprehensive exposure.
Law From Within is a snapshot of a big picture. Almost daily, matters come to light that have a strong bearing on those mentioned in my book. Some come from the internet, others from mail, blogs or podcasts. I sense, indeed often see a lack of connectedness, or coherence. This lack is not due to poor writing. Authors are not to blame. Rather it is the absence of a glue that sticks the relevance of one article to the relevance of another. It’s as though countless articles align like links in a chain, but none links to any other.
I found the exact same lack when I researched Man’s six higher faculties of the mind. All were described across multitudes of websites. All spoke of the same things using different words, yet none described how they related to the others. I could not find any patterns, sequences, order, or meaningful connections. There seemed to be no cohesion, no common ground or logical process, yet they all served the same purpose. Their seemed to be no orderliness, no order, no Law from within Man. Had Creator given us a basket of goodies, with no recipe book or instruction manual?
That made no sense. Biological systems of the body consist of organs, tissues, and cells. These exhibit strong relationships, independence, cooperation, support and respect. Many qualities testify strength through collaboration, and unity of purpose. But the six higher faculties of the mind did not. Did Creator give up when the body work was all done? Were we thrown a bunch of higher faculties with no explanations? And why not? Memory, conscience, perception and imagination are automatic aren’t they? That being so, what can we do about it? What about reason, and free will? Are they automated also? 
Nothing stuck. Loose ends were more common than waves on a surfing beach.Beach waves are more common than descriptions of Law from within Man There had to be more, but what? If our bodies work inside of governing processes, could free will work in like manner? How could governed process permit free will? That question seemed impossible. It’s not. There are Laws from within Man. They govern our mental and bodily processes. When I discovered that one of them ensures that we have free will, the penny dropped.

Twenty natural Laws from within Man

Then I saw the connection—exactly how the six higher faculties tie together. Not one or two—all six! That revelation led to my book. . Twenty natural Laws from within Man emerged. That study showed the connection between individuals and society. It all came together.
Creator has perfected orderly functioning within our very being. It is our task to translate those Laws from within Man into our societies.
This blog will explore our mental faculties. Conscience, intuition, reason, imagination and emotions will open from a different view point. Subconscious mind has its own beautiful story. Our six higher faculties have more secrets to tell than any textbook has shown. Natural Law from within Man, on a personal level, have much to do with society, freedom, morality and justice. Please subscribe. Join in this journey of enlightenment. Many surprises await. 
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