Constitution of ManA universal ‘Constitution of Man’

This Constitution of Man offers an alternative foundation, a replacement of government, wholly based on the natural laws arising from within ourselves. At the crossroads of our history, many people are now learning of lies resulting in wars and tyranny throughout our history. Governments and political structures have changed from our protections, to their self preservation. No longer do they serve their original intent. Accordingly, libertarians, anarchists, and voluntarists speak of necessary change, and why the old systems must go.  What will replace governments? Should they be modified, or should something new be implemented? 
My book, ‘Law from Within’ offers new thoughts on many related topics. Discussion leads to discovery of 20 natural laws from within ourselves. The book includes the ‘Constitution’ here referred to, necessarily including a ‘Declaration of Individual Rights.’  Intentionally, such ‘Constitution’ underscores a Commission of Justice for the upholding of justice in a symbiotic society, or a society described as a Kritarchy.  Much work needs be done to achieve a free and peaceful society. This work pursues that end. 

A constitution of Man, not a constitution for Man

The Constitution is not intentioned for a country, a state, or an empire, but is for every living human being. Race, creed, colour, religious persuasion, language, or culture matters not. This document belongs to all, to every human living today, and those yet to be born.  Observe that this document is not written for all men and women, rather it synopsises natural laws, already possessed by us all. Consequently it is for us all because it is of us all. 
Justice Just Is
A Constitution document for Every Living Human Being
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